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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Sound bite from Chrissy's Class

As part of the introductory lesson I've been teaching, my students have been taking learning styles surveys. You know, the kind of questionnaire that tells you if you are a visual, auditory, or kinaesthetic learner. Yep, that kind.

So, as part of the speaking activity, students have to tell me what types of class activities best help them practice their English. One student put it best:

"Well, since you are Native American, we must speak with you most."

"You mean since I'm a native speaker?" I clarified.

"Uh... yes."

It's good to be back.
- Chrissy


Blogger Abbers said...

Hummmm,...... Perhaps a teepee in your flat gave away your Native American heritage ;-)

5:46 PM  
Blogger James said...

It's good to have you posting as well. Until next time...

2:09 PM  
Anonymous denim woman said...

I was thinking you were rather pale and red headed for a Native American. But you never know these days
<3 U

7:21 PM  

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