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Thursday, January 17, 2008

attack of the mold!

Kitchen floors have been known to make many sounds. Among these are *stepstep*, *stomp*, *creak*, *clipclop* and, when little feet are involved, *pitterpatter.* But one sound they should not make is *squish.* Unfortunately, this is the sound that Joel's dad's kitchen floor was making earlier this week.

Dad left home in the early evening for a meeting at church to a *stepstep* and returned to a *slosh.* The subfloors had been inundated with an old, until now unknown small leak that Monday night became a larger one. The damage is pretty significant, and tomorrow a crew is coming to gut the kitchen floor down to the studs and joists. Dad's taking it with grace and humor today, but it's another big blow in what's already been a really tough couple of months (to put it lightly).

So we're going to do some unexpected packing tonight, skipping out on the incredible closing shop sale at Borders in the Galleria (it would take something this big to keep us away). Please remember to step in for Dad when you're talking to Jesus these days. And to call down brimstone and judgment upon the mold, if you think of it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, all my kids; Joel, Chrissy, Abbey, and Jon too. At moments notice we were together, something we do more lately. We boxed, moved, stacked, and emptied countles cabinets, bookshelves, and walls. Things look better today but the cat is bothered by all the mess. Oh well this too shall pass Oren Peasley.

12:34 PM  

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