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Friday, October 12, 2007


We're having our first rainy fall week in Northern California. I agree with Beka---fall reminds me of the Czech Republic. I miss the thirty minute walk down the hill through the yellow-leaved trees in Sokolov, the heavy moisture in the air and the broken asphalt plastered with puddles. And I wish that I had walked through Stromovka in Prague this time last year, or better yet---visited Český Krumlov. Trooper backpacked through Český Krumlov last fall and showed me his pictures.

I only know it from these pictures, but autumn is Český Krumlov's best dress.

Fall has always been my favorite, but it has made me a bit homesick today.

On another nostalgic note, I read a review on Radio Praha of a new exhibition in Prague of a typical 1970's Communist era apartment in the big, gray concrete block houses (panelaky) that we came to know...and...sometimes have positive feelings for. Looking at the pictures in the review I was struck that the furniture, appliances and cabinets from the typical 1970's Communist era apartment looked like they'd been taken from Esmeralda, the apartment I lived in during my second year in Sokolov. Somehow this puts it into a bit more perspective.


Blogger Crystal said...

I think Sokolov misses you too. The park was gorgeous this year.

Today is partly cloudy, and it looks like people are enjoying a slow Saturday morning on the square. Someone is painting the top left corner of the Culture House--not sure why. It's still pink. In a few minutes, I'm going to go to Coop and get some lunch things, then head to the train station and meet up with the Cheb girls to go to Loket. I needed to get a glimpse of it in its autumn glory.

12:15 AM  
Blogger Peta said...

Haha, do you know the soap opera Esmeralda? :) Why was your apartment called that way?

Wow, strongly reminds me of Zach's and Joseph's apartment, also...

9:17 AM  

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