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Friday, February 01, 2008


It took the skills of Sayid (and fortunately not those of Charlie) to get our rabbit ear antennae to find a signal, but we were able to catch the season premiere of Lost last night, this time all caught up with the rest of America.

It'll be strange watching it one episode per week (although it'll probably make us less edgy than watching three episodes at a time), but forget it---Lost is back. Yay.


Blogger Beth said...

Hey, congratulations on catching up to America!
Paul and I just finished watching Season 1 of Lost. Maybe someday we'll be caught up like you.
And by the way....we're currently in the middle of Season 4 of 24. So you know what we'll be doing tonight! Watching it reminds me of fun times in Sokolov watching the first 3 seasons.

9:19 AM  
Blogger Moore Musings said...

when I watch shows like LOST (or ALIAS) on dvd back to back, it shows up in my dreams. And Im veru "cautious" aka paranoid. hehe

2:25 PM  

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