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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

super duper god bless america tuesday

Today is a red (and also white and blue) letter day, a proud day, a civically responsible day, a day of duties fulfilled. Today is Super Tuesday, but for Joel and Chrissy, it's been so much more, and therefore---more for America.

Get a load of the patriotic things we've been up to today:
  • We voted in the primaries
  • We completed our income tax returns
  • Joel changed the oil in car
  • Chrissy administered a standardized state exam
  • Joel went to work at Starbucks (whistling the Star-Spangled Banner on the way)
And there's conceivably still time for at least one of us (or both) to serve on a jury, to write a letter to our congressman, to participate in a 21-gun salute, to eat a slice of apple pie and to watch an episode of Smallville.

Basically, Uncle Sam wants us.


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