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Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Yesterday evening I (Chrissy) received an award from Placer School for Adults, the "Newcomer of the Year" award, for taking on a challenging new distance learning program and helping to expand the program. My mom flew up from Costa Mesa yesterday and surprised me with a visit. She came to see me get the award, bought me flowers, and then we went to dinner. Today I played hookie from work and went shopping with my mom before taking her to the airport.
I have a wonderful mom.
Love you, mom.

As grandma Nettie said last night, "You can always use some time with your mom."


Blogger Kyle Ray Booterbaugh said...

Ironic that after getting award for work you played hookie the very next day. They are going to take the award away...

6:32 PM  
Blogger Amanda said...

Oh Chrissy, I miss you. I haven't written you in so long. I was organizing my files (my new hobby) the other day and there was a Valentine's Card for you and Joel that I never put a stamp on. (I think I need to kick up that new hobby a notch). I'm so glad that you got to spend some quality time (shopping is definately quality time. although I like that last post by kyle.)We haven't quite planned our summer trips yet but hopefully we can come up north and at least take you guys to dinner. Love to you all, Aunt Amanda

10:04 AM  

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