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Friday, March 21, 2008

there is too such thing

Today I had a free lunch. Here's how:

Last night our small group from church met at a certain Mexican-themed restaurant named after a division of General Motors, Inc. For kicks, let's call it "Buick's."

We waited to be seated---a reasonable amount of time. We enjoyed our free chips and salsa. We ordered our food. We talked. We laughed. We asked for one drink to be re-made. We waited. Nothing out of the ordinary for Buick's.

But we kept waiting. We waited more than 40 minutes before we even saw our server again. And we weren't the only ones. Another group seated near us eventually gave up and left---just as their food was brought out. The server chased them out the front door, but they were gone. But what to do with all of their sizzling, hot food?

Why not give it to the other group, our group, patiently waiting (and about to make the same move)? And they did. And those other people had ordered delicious food.

And so had we. And soon our table was a Tex-Mex feast of sizzle and spice. And we had more food than our stomachs could hold in one meal. And to further emphasize how sorry they felt, they decided not to charge us for the food we had ordered. So we got double the food for zero the price.

So today I ate my dinner for lunch. Thanks, Chevy's.

I mean, Buick's.


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