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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

jots and tiddles

Note to writers and bloggers: you help your reader when you use bullets.
  • The above sentence lends itself to multiple interpretations.
  • Maybe it's because my other textbook is definitely the driest I've ever been assigned (like an extended owner's manual for a DVD player or a Buick or something), but I truly love one of my education class textbooks. Wow: people who know how to write, how to tell stories, how to dazzle me with pictures and diagrams (read: shiny objects), how to incorporate a well-thought-out philosophy without being preachy. I even strongly suspect the authors write from a Christian worldview while not to a specifically Christian audience. Call me nerdy. It's a good book.
  • Here's what's left of my infamous snowball fight injury. And below, here's me posed with a punching pickle! Yessir, Mr. Pickles has opened up (sandwich) shop right here in Auburn (close to Staples). Let's hear it for local businesses you never think to eat at!

  • And here's my dad, entranced on his birthday by one of Abbey's delectably delicious Pizz-oo-kees (not copyright infringement because of the unique spelling...which rather suits Abbey anyway, right? ;-)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

And it was mighty fine going down too. I think I look pretty good for a newly enrolled senior citizen.

2:44 PM  
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