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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

"fun-size" updates

You remember those "fun size" candy bars that you would get for Halloween? You know, small on the size, small on the fun? Well, here's the blog version. Only these will be fun.

We're starting an English Club at Arabská. Five students showed up for an informational meeting last Monday. This is a nice number, says I. We'll see where this goes. The first meeting is next Tuesday.

Cafe Cože, a Christian English club that meets monthly in Prague, is also this coming Tuesday, but in the later afternoon. We're planning to be involved with it this year (it'll be Chrissy's second year there). I've heard about it for as long as I've been in the Czech Republic, and now I can go!

Please remember to pray for Sokolov and ISŠTE, my former town and school, as the ESI teacher assigned there this year has decided to return home early. Please pray for peace, grace and healing for her heart. And please remember her teammate, who soon will be alone in Sokolov. And pray for ISŠTE and my former students and colleagues.

Tonight is the Greater Prague Area (or "GPA") Bible study. We'll meet at everyone's favorite pseudo-American restaurant, Bohemia Bagel, and talk over the 121st Psalm. Read it with us this week, if you feel so inclined.

And lastly, a factoid about our own US of A that I just learned this morning after a student stumped me: did you know that New York is called the Big Apple because of jazz music? Yeah, I didn't either.



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