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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

zoo praha

Last Saturday we visited the Prague zoo with our friends and ESI teammates Matt and Jenny Thomas. That means that we were joined by their two year-old, super-friendly/smiley daughter Anna, whose faces and reactions to all the animals made the trip that much more amusing. Prague's zoo is actually pretty good. It was hit pretty hard during the 2002 floods, but some say that the flood was the best thing to happen to the zoo: pictures of homeless animals with busted cages triggered global sympathy---and donations to match.

Like I said before, the weather has been pretty spectacular overall, but an overcast day and it being a holiday weekend for Easter, meant that we practically had all the animals to ourselves the whole morning. That also included the kid's play area, where Chrissy and I dared a few animals to bite us...if they dared. Okay, so it's not much of a threat when the animals-in-question are made of wood, but it made for some fun pictures:


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