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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

na shledanou to plesi

We said our "good-bye" to maturitní plesi two weeks ago with a little trip out to Sokolov. The students who are graduating there this year are the last students Joel taught at ISŠTE. After this year, I won't have any former students still studying there (provided they all pass their final exams...)

Although I got to talk to lots of student still studying at ISŠTE, we spent most of the ples visiting with students who graduated last year or the year before. I've been surprised how much fun these Sokolov plesi---being more filled with catching-up than dancing and taking pictures and such---have been. I hope to blog about what my relationship to Sokolov has been this year, soon.

I had a wide range of feelings to hearing about how my former students are responding to their first year of life after high school; I was mostly encouraged or at least sympathetic, but I left ples sometime around 1:00am praying for a lot of people from my former home.


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