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Thursday, June 21, 2007

cleaning house

So we found out yesterday that we have to move everything out of every office in the school---there's going to be some refurbishing work done this summer, and space must be cleared for the work. So we're cleaning out our desks---which is not a shock, since we'd be doing it anyway. But it all makes a convenient metaphor for...

...some "things I found" "on my desk" that I've been meaning to blog about.

1. Last weekend, as some of you may have read in our email newsletter, we went with one of our classes on a school trip. We had a great time, we're happy to say, although all day Saturday I think we walked up and down 15 or 20 (thousand) mountains.

We introduced them to s'mores, an American campfire staple, which they loved, and by loved we mean devoured in less than 15 minutes---the whole bag. We expected them to like them, but not quite to this degree (these sharing of foods experiences don't always work out).

2. We're saying our last good-byes to our students today and at the beginning of next week---Monday will be the last official day of classes.

3. In Czech current events news, a local group of mischief makers shocked weekend TV watchers when they hacked into the television feed of a Sunday morning weather update program called Panorama. The show is just 30 minutes of outside camera shots of popular Czech vacation spots mostly in the mountains so that people can get an idea what the weather is like in such and such a place. These guys hacked into the camera and presented their own version of the day, which included a flash and a mushroom cloud, which you can watch here.


Blogger The Booters said...

now you will die from radiation poisoning, that is a shame...maybe it was just a little bomb and your recent climbing of thousands of hills has strengthened your radiation immunities so you will be safe.

8:10 AM  
Anonymous denim woman said...

You NEED to return to CA. Nice picture of Lovely Chrissy. Very white legs of Joel, hee,hee

4:34 PM  
Anonymous denmin woman said...

Oh yes, I DID beat James to the comment page HURRAY FOR ME!

4:35 PM  
Blogger James said...

What can I say mums, I'm getting old - and my internet updating abilities are slowing down. Maybe that's a good sign....


8:38 PM  

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