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Monday, November 27, 2006

the country ball

Surprises never cease in Central Europe!

Last Tuesday we, along with all of our fellow teachers at Arabsk√° were invited to a Country Ball at a nearby pub to learn some "traditional dances" and have a good time together as a staff. By "traditional dances" we assumed that they meant traditional Czech folk dances. Imagine our surprise when what we were learning was actually American square dances and the Virginia Reel. Go figure.

Two visiting American teachers from Chicago, also there, though it would be country line dancing. I'm not sure who was farther off.

It hurt the overall attendance that it went late on a school night, but we had a great time.


Anonymous denim woman said...

Oh, if only people would say what they mean! Glad ya'll had fun

7:16 AM  
Anonymous Danka said...

I know and love the dance!!!!!Probably the only country dance I know...actually...:D

10:36 AM  

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