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Thursday, November 02, 2006


Maybe we were tipped off.

A few weeks ago, our building manager posted a notice on the main entrance, announcing a "surprise" water inspection would happen on what is now last Tuesday. It struck both of us that this notice circumvented the nature of purpose of surprises, but apparently "surpise" wasn't the point, and last Tuesday our water was shut off. Surprise!

Actually, the notice did it's job, and we were prepared with jugs and pots and half of a bathtub full of water, ready for a dry day.

Being that we're both in the same neighborhood, our school was also "surprised" with a no-water day, so regular classes were canceled, and everybody had fieldtrips. Chrissy and I and two of our fellow English teachers went with three classes to see a musical version of George Orwell's Animal Farm.

Probably the only real surprise of the day was this: you can actually do Animal Farm as a musical. Actually, it was pretty good. But---and there's no surprise here---the songs have yet to leave our head. Fortunately, reading about it on a blog will save you from catching the tune.




Blogger Zach Barnes said...

you all must have really been showing off. i bet you were going around everywhere sayin "hey, so we have about a million liters of water stored for the winter. we're pretty much awesome". either that, or you just were throwin water at each other in a kind of "new levis commercialesque". now, am i right or am i right. so how did you drink it? were you all just sittin down to dinner at the bathroom and whenever you needed water, just plungin your face in the bath to quench your thirst. that would be fairly comical. mmm... the joys of baskin in your gloriousness

11:58 AM  
Blogger James said...

I think I missed your birthday Joel...Happy Late Birthday.

1:30 PM  
Anonymous Danielle said...

Joel, that is funny. You and Chrissy remind me my chilhood.....I cut my chin by the same way like Chrissy when I was, I guess, 4 years old. And I was blond when I was 4. :))))) I hope you are doing well ;)

8:09 AM  
Anonymous Lydia and Lance said...

We miss you guys! Auburn is starting to decorate itself for Christmas - the Festival of Lights parade is fast aproaching as well as all the church/youth Christmas activities! Lance and I are doing well...I went to Dollar Tree to buy decorations for our home to celebrate our first Christmas together as a married couple! Are you guys doing anything special for just the two of you? It's not even Thanksgiving yet, so I have only bought decorations - I haven't put them up yet. Jonny just got a new motorcycle. It's a sport bike similar to Lance's and is now, of course, the "best bike in the world". Lance begs to differ! Pray for Jonny that he doesn't kill himself. J/K. Jonny is looking for work, Lance is going back to school at WJU, and I am praying about some ministry opportunities at church. I am meeting with Pastor this Tuesday night (the 14th of November), if you can remember to pray with me about that...I really want to start investing in our church and I would love to see a "revival" of sorts in Auburn. God has been whispering to me about reaching out to our Auburn neighbors and investing in the Kingdom in more ways than just working at a Christian University. You know what I mean? two are always on my thoughts and payers...God bless.
~Lydia and Lance Neeley

8:33 AM  
Anonymous Kelly Kuest said...

Hey there,
I saw the Animal Farm musical with my students too and thought it was greaaaat, hee haw, too. I was quite impressed with how quickly the actors could go from being a pig, to a goat, to milk cow. We will have to have a sing-a-long soon. :)

12:46 PM  

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